Visitor Information

Information for Visitors

Unity of Spiritual Center Fresno is an inclusive community that welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds.
While we most closely follow the teachings of Jesus, we honor and draw from the teachings and paths of other spiritual masters. We respect each person’s right to follow their own spiritual path.

Where is Unity Spiritual Center Fresno located and what time is the Sunday service?

Find us at 1298 N Wishon Ave Fresno, CA If you get lost on the way, call us at (559) 227-1889! We are located inside Fresno Music Academy and Arts. You'll see a small sign with our logo on the front door. 

Sunday service is at 10:30am. 

What should I wear?
Our congregants dress in a relaxed style, whether dressy or casual. You choose for you. 

What about parking?

There is a parking lot beside the center. There are two handicap spots. There is parking on the street in front of and across the street from the center, which is located on a one-way street. 

What is available for children?
Children are welcome to join us in service. We encourage drawing and singing along.
What to expect on Sunday

Come in and turn right at the desk to enter our meeting area, which is a cozy theater space. A greeter will offer you a warm welcome, a Welcome Packet, and answers to any questions you may have. Feel free to grab a pre-service cookie and meet some of the folks. 

We offer inspiring yet practical teachings that help us embody healthy, prosperous, and purposeful lives. 

Following services, we enjoy more snacks and conversation. Our congregants, Board members, and Chaplain are always available to pray with you, consult, or share Unity Principles. We believe that God created each person, and as such, each person is basically good.

Before leaving, please fill out your visitor's info if you're open to doing so. We're always happy to stay in touch and hope you had a wonderful time. You can also request a free copy of the Daily Word, a publication of Unity Worldwide Ministries. We love you, bless you, appreciate you, and are grateful for you!

Everyone is Welcome!

We welcome everyone regardless of age, economic status, gender identity, background, denomination, race, and sexual orientation! We empower and encourage each other in our spiritual journeys and communities. 

Our mission at Unity Spiritual Center is to help transform lives and inspire people to make a positive difference in the world.