Miracles Come in Many Varieties - Carol Scroggins
Keep Your Eyes Open for the Wonder - Rev. Lilly
Tis The Season Again - Barney Coffman

The Miracle of a Conscious Mind

Sreya Zekas - 10-16-16

September 25, 2016

Tanya Sumner - Forgiveness

September 18, 2016

Dr. Gregory Lomack - United States of Conciseness

September 4, 2016

Debby Martsolf - Chakras, Angels and so much more.

August 28, 2016

Barney Coffman - Change

Rev. Sreya Zekas

Unity of Fresno Full Service August 21, 2016

Clark Sumner - The Triune Nature

August 14, 2016

Shirley Hart

Full Sunday Service 8-7-16

As You Think

Celia Bourez - July 17, 2016

Unity and Me

Susan Bearden and Mary Vink talk about what Unity means to them and why the serve.

Celia Bourez - Manifest Destiny

Unity and Me - Carol Scroggins and Sara Savary

Board Members Carol Scroggins and Sara Savary tell us what they've learned from Unity, why the go to Unity and why they serve.

Go With the Flow - Barney Coffman

Moving Through the Pain - Tanya Sumner

Mothers - Celia Bourez

Jeff Hartwig - Spiritual Theories That Can Enhance Life

Celia Bourez - "We Continue - Real Self"

Andrea Robinson - The Healing Power of Friendship

Uploaded by Unityof Fresno on 2016-04-23.

Celia Bourez -We Are One

Uploaded by Unityof Fresno on 2016-04-23.